What's the story with these seats? Why are you selling them?

Why not! Actually, Karl and Schyler have been Giants fans going back to those windy nights at Candlestick Park, Frank Ball, $1 beer night, and having our drunk friends hang from the old clock hands in centerfield. When the Giants finally moved to PacBell Park SBC Park AT&T Park, both of us jumped at the opportunity to have season tickets close to the field.

Unfortunately, we can't go to all the games, so we sell the extra tickets to our friends -- like you -- to enjoy. You get access to some great seats, in the same location for each game, and everyone gets to enjoy some great baseball all year long!

Where are the seats?

  • Section 226 (third base side; AAA Club Outfield, above 3rd base infield dirt)
  • Row C (third row)
  • Seats 1-2 (two seats on aisle)

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The Club Level at AT&T Park sits below the suites and above the main grandstand. You get an enclosed concession area and additional indoor seating areas, plus some concession offerings not found in the rest of the stadium (e.g. the Club Level features healthy offerings from a local farmer's market, including fruit and fresh lemonade)

For those cold San Francisco nights, the Club Level can provide some heated respite behind big floor-to-ceiling windows where you can catch the game. Likewise, you can sip your hot cocca in one of the many lounge areas while catching the game on the many big screen TVs.

Lastly, the view from the Club Level is gorgeous. You can see out onto McCovey Cove and the Bay while observing any ships going in and out of port.

 What's the view like?

How much do they cost?

The tickets are often sold at our cost, plus a small fee for handling and shipping. Exceptions include popular games/teams or playoffs. Check the Giant's website to confirm. We're not trying to make money here, just break even!

  Regular Games Market Price  
  Feature Games Market Price  
  Premium Games Market Price  
  Premium Games include Opening Day, Oakland A's Series, Los Angeles Dodgers games

How do I buy tickets?

Step 1. Find the game(s) you want (and that are available)

Step 2. Send an email to to confirm availability.
Purchase of both (2) seats is required. All tickets are sold at market value for popular games/team; face value for all others .

Step 3. Upon confirmation via email, send the appropriate payment (see below) via PayPal to

Step 4. Upon receipt of payment, the tickets will be sent to you via U.S.P.S or via FedEx (billed to your account)

Step 5. Get the tickets, buy a hot dog, a beer and enjoy the game!

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